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In Research Of

Apr 28, 2020

Watch this episode of In Search Of... on YouTube.

Jeb and Blake go prospecting for the facts behind The Lost Dutchman Mine episode of In Search Of... beginning season 2 of IRO.

Yes, there was a typo in the TV listing. "Professor" should have been "Prospector" but it was funnier (for me) to read it as written.

TV listing for Dutchman episode of In Search Of


An NPR...

Apr 20, 2020

Jeb and I are still chipping away at Season 2 of In reSearch Of... but we covered this amazing 1980 movie from the people who brought you The Search for Noah's Ark and The Man Who Saw Tomorrow.  Hangar 18 (aka Invasion Force) stars Darren McGavin, Gary Collins, and Robert Vaughn. If this seems like a weird thing for us...

Apr 13, 2020

Well, I don't know about you - but for me and Jeb, Season 1 of In reSearch Of flew by.  We're hard at work on Season 2 and hope you enjoy it!  Those should start dropping in two weeks.  
Check the show notes for the attached PDF of our "Fashion Forensics" work.  

This is a project I'm not done with so I may drop some...

Apr 8, 2020

Hey folks, we hope you enjoyed season 1 of In ReSearch Of.  We've got a special oversized season wrap-up episode coming but I'm going to have to push it out a week.  I just need a breather. Lots of stuff going on - but hey, the whole world's got problems right?  Hang in there!  

Jeb's book Spooky Archaeology is on sale...