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In Research Of

Feb 24, 2020

Jeb and Blake discuss Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and the In Search Of episode titled "Life After Death."

Watch this episode of ISO on YouTube. 

Dr. Charles Garfield:  (Still involved with palliative care)

Feb 17, 2020

Jeb and Blake look into an alleged haunting in Port Clyde, Maine as we go in research of Ghosts!

The episode opens with Hans Holzer looking to possible haunting at Sunnyside, the home of Washington Irving.  Holzer was a prolific author and media figure around paranormal and fringe topics.

Mentioned: The terrible,...

Feb 10, 2020

Watch the ISO episode on YouTube.

Jeb and Blake are joined by Dr. Carl P. Lipo to talk about "The Easter Island Massacre" episode of In Search Of.

Our guest, Dr. Carl P. Lipo, is the author (along with Terry Hunt) of The Statues that Walked and conducted research that demonstrated a very plausible method for how the...

Feb 1, 2020

Listener Justin Mullis hipped us to some groovy 1970s additional context behind the Season 1 episode In Search Of: Dracula.  Much of it is based on an unmentioned book, In Search of Dracula by Raymond McNally and Radu Florescu.  We also correct a mistake about the source of the idea that the fictional vampire...