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In Research Of

Apr 13, 2020

Well, I don't know about you - but for me and Jeb, Season 1 of In reSearch Of flew by.  We're hard at work on Season 2 and hope you enjoy it!  Those should start dropping in two weeks.  
Check the show notes for the attached PDF of our "Fashion Forensics" work.  

This is a project I'm not done with so I may drop some Patreon bonus research in the future as time allows, but we'll definitely be diving further into Nimoy's fashion and the secrets it reveals about the behind the scenes world of In Search Of...

Thanks so much for sticking with us as we revisit this show and its impact on weirds#!t culture.

I can't drop tables into the show notes, so I'm pasting some data work that Jeb did in as image files. We cover this data in the audio, but in case you wanted a view of it later you'll have it.

Our breakdown of ISO topics for the first season:

Graph of Season 1 episode topics

Top 5 eps for Entertainment:

Graph of Season 1 most entertaining episodes

Worst 5 eps for Entertainment:

Graph of Least Entertaining S1 Episodes

Mentioned in the episode, Hackers by Steven Levy.

The season 1 Fashion Forensics PDF should be attached, but here is a link in case it's missing.