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In Research Of

Oct 27, 2019

In Ancient Aviators, ISO looks into the possibility that ancient cultures either had the power of flight or were aware of it from exposure to extraterrestrial cultures.  The specifics of how are a little vague, but we return to our litany of archaeological sites for evidence that this might be the case.


Oct 20, 2019

Explicit Tag - this episode contains strong language. 

We are joined by Dr. Ken Feder to discuss Mystery Hill (aka America's Stonehenge) and the idea that this New Hampshire set of stone structures might have been built by ancient Phoenicians or medieval Europeans.  (It wasn't.)

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Weirdly topical, as...

Oct 13, 2019

Can plants talk? Can Leonard Nimoy make this topic interesting? The answer to both questions will be discussed in this episode where we look at the first episode of In Search Of... which considers the question of plant communication.  

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Marcel Vogel - thought plants have feelings. Research...