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In Research Of

Aug 26, 2023

S04E06 - The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The ISO team take us back to Colonial Virginia to investigate the cold-case of the lost colony of Roanoke. Jeb and Blake learn about armadas, plays, and rock diaries.

Beach Action Nimoy Fashion Alert!

The Money Shot...



Blake thinks the ISO actor is giving off Keenan...

Jul 17, 2023

We're going to need a bigger boat!  Jeb and Blake head to Australia to investigate the idea that Great White sharks are immortal!

1977 San Diego article about Sea World's shark exhibit

Article about weird things allegedly found inside sharks.

Henri Bource -


Apr 2, 2023

Jeb, Blake and Alex French go in research of The Amityville Horror!

Typewriters 101 site

History vs Hollywood: Amityville

History of the House

The Warren Omission

The Calamityville Horror

The Dictionnaire Infernal

Nimoy gives us the calm and rational look in the midst of so much weirdness!

So many faceless re-enactors...

Mar 2, 2023


Jeb and Blake look back at the ISO team's coverage of the global manhunt for the terrorist known as "Carlos."

This episode gets an Explicit tag because of language.


Nimoy Fashion Alert:


Dr. Frederick Hacker (Obit) 

Carlos - aka The Jackal  (Wiki)

Raid on Entebbe (Wiki)

Carnaby Street, England (Wiki)