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In Research Of

Sep 28, 2020

Watch the ISO ep on YouTube 

Jeb and Blake take a look at research into life extension including the therapeutic value of eating live embryos and having younger life forms surgically attached to one's body to leech off of their vigor.  

Sep 21, 2020

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[Update: Thanks to @ClaytonFlesher for being the first to point out the weird audio issue on some of the post-mid-point audio inserts. An edit on one track nudged the audio a fraction of a second out-of-synch and caused the two tracks to make a weird echo through the rest of the episode....

Sep 7, 2020

Watch the In Search Of... episode on YouTube. 

Jeb, Blake and special guest Alexandria "Alex" French discuss the In Search Of about they mystery whether a woman called Anna Anderson was really the long lost Russian Czarina Anastasia. (Narrator:  She wasn't.) 

***Highly recommended long-read about the lives of "Anna" and...