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In Research Of

May 25, 2020

[some explicit language in this episode]
Jeb and Blake look at the very strange coverage of Mayan Mysteries on In Search Of season 2. (Watch this ISO episode on YouTube)

The term Blake was trying to remember at the beginning of the creation story was "ethnogenesis." This is a relatively new word, coming from the...

May 19, 2020

Jeb and Blake whip out the marshmallows and settle down by a big hot fire to discuss the In Search Of episode: Firewalkers.  (watch this ISO episode on YouTube)

From Wikipedia (on heat transfer):
Advection is the transport mechanism of a fluid from one location to another, and is dependent on motion and...

May 17, 2020

To prepare for S02E04, we present a quick overview of Maya culture we're calling Maya 101.  Listen in awe as Jeb distills 3000 years of Maya culture down into 90 mins!

An influential book mentioned by Jeb: A Forest of Kings 

Preclassic 1500 BC – 250 AD

  • Early 1500-900
  • Middle 900-300
  • Late 300 BC – 250...

May 5, 2020

Watch this ISO episode on YouTube 

[explicit] Jeb and Blake discuss the In Search Of... episode about the mysterious character known as The Count of St. Germain. 

We talk a little about the I AM movement and Mt. Shasta lore, but if you want a real deep dive, check out our 2-part Shaver Mystery coverage from...