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In Research Of

Apr 28, 2020

Watch this episode of In Search Of... on YouTube.

Jeb and Blake go prospecting for the facts behind The Lost Dutchman Mine episode of In Search Of... beginning season 2 of IRO.

Yes, there was a typo in the TV listing. "Professor" should have been "Prospector" but it was funnier (for me) to read it as written.

TV listing for Dutchman episode of In Search Of


An NPR story about how the Red Tailed Hawk became the voice of the "eagle."

Reenactment at the beginning based on the story of Jacob Waltz.

Much of the episode revolves around the geologic structure called Weaver's Needle.

The hunt for GOLD!

Some ghost-town details on Bodie, CA  

3-Part series on the Dutchman Mine:  (part 1)  (part 2)  (part 3) 

 The Killer Mountains, by Curt Gentry 

Scooby Doo - Mine Your Own Business featuring "The Miner 49er"

The Brady Bunch meet a crazy "prospector" 

Legislation mentioned in the episode to limit treasure hunting.

7 Cities of Gold (wiki) video game. Programmed by the amazing Dani Bunten of Ozark Softscape.  

You can play it at this Abandonware site.  There is an updated version available at "Good Old Games" but I haven't played it, though it looks quite nice.

Nimoy Fashion Alert! 

Nimoy in bluejeans in the desert.

Author Robert Blair (Tales of the Superstitions) rocking the Elvis shades.

Robert Blair author of Superstition Dutchman book wearing Elvis glasses



TV Listing for Lust for Gold, a 1949 movie about the search for the Dutchman mine.

TV listing for "Lust for Gold"