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Dec 23, 2021

Jeb and Blake are joined by Ken Feder (Frauds, Myths & Mysteries , Fifty Sites) to discuss the question of whether Sherlock Holmes was largely a real person - namely Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Great Game - the playful (usually) exploration of the idea that Sherlock was real

Michael Saler, As If 

Sherlockian and author Peter Lovesey wandering in the "western docks."

Sherlockian Stanley MacKenzie in front of part of his collection of memorabilia.

Holmes' deerstalker comes from actor Sidney Paget.

The phrase "elementary my dear Watson" and the big smoking pipe come from William Gillette

There was a 1916 silent film that was lost until rediscovered in 2014. 

The story of Sherlock's Violin 

Doyle's father - Charles Altamont Doyle - troubled (but gifted) artist.

Anna May Wong (actress)

In a number of films from the 30s Arthur Wontner was Holmes & Ian Flemming as Watson  (This was Australian actor Ian Flemming, not the British action/spy novelist behind that other famous British crime solver, James Bond.)  Wontner got the Sherlock role after he'd played a popular version of a Holmes-style knock off character called Sexton Blake.

Nimoy playing Sherlock 

Lots of Star Trek connections to Sherlock. 

Sherlockian and Scotland Yard official, Philip Dalton 

In a re-creation located in The Sherlock Holmes public house.

Smithsonian on the location of 221B Baker. 

Nimoy Fashion Alert:

Sherlockian H. R. F. Keating (and man guarding wizarding library from curious muggles...)


Did Doyle introduce skiing to Switzerland? 

Doyle's letter writing campaign on armor for British soldiers.

Cases Doyle worked on:

Sherlock Holmes and the Piltdown Controversy?

SciFi Series mentioned by Jeb 

The Case of the Missing Link 

Amazing little documentary about the Cottingley Fairies hoax.