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In Research Of

Oct 9, 2021

eb and Blake hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail to the Caribbean to look for unsuspecting rich tourists in fancy 1970s yachts.  

A lot of this episode is based on the writing of Carl Hiaasen - his newspaper work, not his many successful novels. 

We see Carl here (RIGHT) with beer-drinking FLORIDA MAN (LEFT).

This episode deals, primarily, with a few key missing boat cases:

The Saba Bank  (also, see the attached PDFs for contemporary coverage of missing ships in this episode)

The Pirate Lady (found in 1990s)  - this was being searched for by the colorful owner Charlie Slater. 

The Como No 

Fiction/Pop-Culture Mentioned:

The Island

Licence to Kill

The Deep

Hitchhiking as Moral Panic

Some more images from the episode:

Remember folks, when doing a reenactment NEVER GO FULL GILLIGAN! 

Our reenactment Villain for this episode takes the "Pirate" thing pretty seriously. You can tell from his shirt.

His cartoonish villainy reminds me of the "Red Ryder" home-defense sequence from A Christmas Story

The "Map Scrolling" equipment the Coast Guard was using as an animated GIF:

And finally... our Nimoy Fashion Alert!

I'm on a boat!

(See this NSFW boat documentary)