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Jul 30, 2021

Jeb and Blake consider the possibility that the Tunguska Event was caused by an extraterrestrial  atomic craft.  An old friend returns. A SciFi icon cameos. Atoms are split. 


Mr. Leonard Nimoy!


Charles Cole


Ronald Oriti


And Dr. Isaac Asimov


News about Golden Globes scandals

Asteroid Monitoring (NASA)

Tunguska in Pop Culture (Wiki)

Basic coverage of Tunguska and theories (Wiki)

Leonid Kulik 

Thomas R. Atkins (A Fire Came By) Amz Author's Page (Affiliate Link)

The Jomon Period (Japan) and some amazing Jomon Masks (3D Print)

Henry Gris ("Psychic" author and early member of Hollywood Foreign Press Association)

Alexey Zolotov

Permafrost Links:

Finally - and I'm definitely not recommending this video to you - but am sharing it because it might be the disturbing thing you're looking for.

Rabies in a Human Patient (1960)
- Warning, Disturbing Imagery