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In Research Of

Aug 15, 2020

(Watch this In Search Of... episode on YouTube.)

This episode has so much content warning. Fish heads, shark assassination, pig sacrifice, child nudity, adult nudity, and Hawaiian shirts!  You've been warned.

Jeb and Blake have to fin for themselves as they mako lotta discussion about one of the odder episodes of In Search Of... we've watched so far. 

Annual shark attacks on humans ranked by species. 

History of the Solomon Islands. 

The island of Laulasi.

The Solomon Islands. 

Langa Langa Lagoon 

Jersey Shore shark attacks 

Screenshot from Savage Shadows:

History of Savage Shadows 

Henri Bource bio 

Facts on the sinking of the USS Indianapolis 

Cubmarine mini-sub


Shark Repellant 

The so-called shark "threat-response." 

Likely source of the silent-footage in this episode:

GOW movie poster

News article about this voyage.

Shark god Dakuwaqa 

Nimoy Fashion Alert!

Nimoy Fashion Alert - Hawaiian Shirt Edition

Shell Money 

Terry Hannigan 

Terry Hannigan Album Cover