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In Research Of

Mar 15, 2020

In Search Of… Voodoo (YouTube)

Jeb and Blake follow the In Search Of team to Haiti to learn about the mysterious religion of Voodoo. No zombies were harmed in the making of this episode.

Body Ritual among the Nacarima

Wikipedia on Hatian Vodou.

The 1864 voodoo panic via Smithsonian, by friend of the show Mike Dash.

The 1915 US Occupation of Haiti

The Haitian Revolution - a deep and complicated history

The New Orleans funeral scene from Live and Let Die

7-Up commercial featuring iconic actor Geoffry Holder

Sugar Hill (1974) voodoo blaxploitation horror

Marjoe - documentary about charismatic evangelical fraud

Serpent Handling religion can be fatal

Papa Legba song by Talking Heads

Zora Hurston - precursor to Wade Davis's Serpent and the Rainbow ethnographic work.

Serpent and the Rainbow horror movie

Baby Doc Duvalier

Papa Doc Duvalier

Veve Designs

Baron Samedi

Loa Spirits

Rada Loas - part of what the episode calls "White Voodoo"

Petro Loas - part of what the episode calls "Red Voodoo"

Ghede Loas - not included in the show

Other books mentioned:

Uncommon Ground (early African American archaeology)

Crossroads and Cosmologies (how African Americans preserved their African religious identity) 


Syncretism - the merger/combining of different beliefs

Ethnogenesis - formation/origin of an ethnic group

Nimoy Fashion Alert

Nimoy's Voodoo Fashion