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In Research Of

Nov 25, 2019

Jeb Card and Blake Smith are joined by "spooky geologist" Sharon Hill to talk about this classic season one episode of In Search Of... that considers various methods to predict earthquakes, and what we might expect if a large quake hits the San Francisco area.

Watch this episode of In Search Of... on YouTube.

TV Listing for In Search Of... Earthquakes

Nimoy Fashion - once again speaking to us from a Los Angeles rooftop.

Around the 9 min mark, we mistakenly say the Bay of Fundy is in Newfoundland. Nope - it's between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. (Does everything in Canada have to have "new" in its name??)
Thanks to
Stephanie J. Lahey for this correction!

1964 Alaska Earthquake (Wikipedia)

2011 Earthquake/Tsunami (Disturbing Footage)

1936 Hollywood Movie about San Francisco Earthquake

Tallest tsunami ever recorded. 

VLBI - Very Long Baseline Interferometry  

Quasars for VLBI type research (NY Times)

1989 Double-Decker Collapse (Wikipedia)

Clips from 2015 San Andreas starring The Rock

Listener Darren Bennett advises us that the 1982 "Syzygy" disaster referenced in the show as The Jupiter Effect.  It was written by John Gribbin, a science writer who has apparently subsequently regretted it. (He's still alive and still writing science books - but tried to distance himself from his own book in a July 1980 issue of New Scientist.)