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May 17, 2020

To prepare for S02E04, we present a quick overview of Maya culture we're calling Maya 101.  Listen in awe as Jeb distills 3000 years of Maya culture down into 90 mins!

An influential book mentioned by Jeb: A Forest of Kings 

Preclassic 1500 BC – 250 AD

  • Early 1500-900
  • Middle 900-300
  • Late 300 BC – 250 AD

Classic Period 250-1000 AD

  • Early 250-600 AD
  • Late 600-1000 AD

Postclassic 900-1520 AD

  • Early 900-1200
  • Late 1200-1520 AD

The stunning pyramid complex of El Mirador 

Example of Olmec Heads mentioned (Wikimedia)

Olmec Head

Link to image of the stunning scale of El Mirador. (drawing by T.L. Rutledge)


Yuri Valentinovich at his happiest

Yuri Valentinovich researcher

Bishop de Landa


Bishop Diego de Landa the priest who demanded Maya language be written for him

(If David Anderson has his Star Wars story written down or recorded anywhere and I find it, I'll link to it here.)