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In Research Of

Oct 13, 2019

Can plants talk? Can Leonard Nimoy make this topic interesting? The answer to both questions will be discussed in this episode where we look at the first episode of In Search Of... which considers the question of plant communication.  

Episode on YouTube

Show Links:

Marcel Vogel - thought plants have feelings. Research chemist, San Jose, CA. Uses machines and the mind's "inner eye." 

Vogel was deeply interested in "crystal energy" and involved with the UFO work of Billy Meier.  Meier's "UFO" images were the basis of the "I Want To Believe" poster in the X-Files.

Conjuring Science by Christopher Toumey

Does music affect plant growth and health?

Myth Busters did an ep on this too: - they found it plausible.  (I'm still very skeptical - Blake)

Plant Talk research: 

Radiolab episode on talking plants: 

Kendall Johnson obituary.

Cleve Baxter - Polygraph and CIA

Interesting story on tree cooperation that we cut mostly because of a terrible pun.

It is difficult to say when these episodes "first aired" because the listings are all over the place.