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The MonsterTalk Library

Mar 8, 2021

If you want to skip the back story - just click here:


Listeners have been asking for us to compile all the books we've talked about into a single page for years now. I hadn't had the time before now, but thanks to my current "non-employment" situation, I decided to try and do it right

I've designed the page to plug in Google spreadsheet and display via a Data Table. This means as we add more content, it will automatically update without having to do a lot of Wordpress or HTML work.

This also means the list is sortable! I'm about 20% through the back catalog and it may take a few weeks to get all the work done, but it's working well enough that I wanted to share it!  

You can always reach the page by going to and clicking the Library link at the top of the page. 

I also made an easy to remember bitly link:

That's bit dot ly / monster talk books - but mashed up as one word.

Thanks!  I hope you find this a useful resource.