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Nov 14, 2021

Just in time for H̶a̶l̶l̶o̶w̶e̶e̶n̶ Thanksgiving, we bring you the first part of our 2-part coverage of the classic 1984 film Ghostbusters.  This is one of our favorite movies and we wanted to get this special out to you before Halloween but life conspired against us meeting that deadline.  But with the new sequel dropping in just about a week, we figure the movie still has some relevance. ;)   We'll be back with Indian Astronomers very soon.  In the meantime, grab your Proton Packs and PKE Meters and head for the fire pole!

Discussed in Part 1: 

On the current version of the Columbia Pictures Logo 

The Stanford Prison Experiment 

Lovecraft and the Pineal Gland 

The very awful Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater 

The Bat-O-Matic with Dan Aykroyd

Casper vs Ghostbusters 

The Ghostbusters Song 

Zener Cards 

J. B. Rhine 

PKE Valances 

The Crookes Tube 


The Etheric Plane 

The Cathedral of Learning vs The Continental Life building