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In Research Of

Apr 2, 2023

Jeb, Blake and Alex French go in research of The Amityville Horror!

Typewriters 101 site

History vs Hollywood: Amityville

History of the House

The Warren Omission

The Calamityville Horror

The Dictionnaire Infernal

Nimoy gives us the calm and rational look in the midst of so much weirdness!

So many faceless re-enactors in this one!


Horror writer Jay Anson and his trusty typewriter!


And this episode is quite notable for giving us a look at Father Mancuso from the book. Aka Father Ralph Pecoraro. Aka Father Delaney.  Aka "Jimmy the Shadow" <I made that last one up.>.

The Lutz couple at the table.


The two versions of Jodie the Pig:

And we gotta include the super creepy ISO doll.  Kudos to the prop dept.