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In Research Of

Jul 11, 2021

Jeb and Blake head into cold as we look at the episode titled "Cryogenics."  Yes, there is a lot of legitimate discussion of the science of freezing - but there's also a lot of optimistic coverage of "Cryonics," the much more questionable idea of freezing people for a later thawing and restoration.  

CONTENT WARNING:  This episode contains images of dead people, frozen semen, animal harm, terrible puns, and some naughty curse words. 

(You're welcome.)

Discussed in this episode:

Cryogenics is NOT Cryonics

Difficult early history of Cryonics (via Alcor website)

The first US successful use of insanity plea (Sickles)

The Artists Statement video that Jeb talked about

The Cryonics Institute (in Michigan)

Robert Ettinger - father of Cryonics

Alcor Life Extension (Arizona)

American Cryonics Society (formerly Bay Area Cryonics Society)

Frozen Bovine Semen (History of)

The history of alleged "eating ancient mammoth" stories


This animal was revived using ratsuscitation.


Dr. Paul Segall makes a return visit to In Search Of...


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you method acting:


Who can forget this famous scene from The gRATe Escape?"


UCLA's Dr. Josiah Brown (obituary 1985)


Here's that mouse embryo gif I promised you.


Mr. Leonard Nimoy!