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Sep 17, 2022

We are joined again by Alex French to discuss "Brain Power."  No kids were harmed, but some hosts were shaken. The ISO episode contains outdated wording about cognitive states that are now considered offensive.  Our podcast episode steers clear of that but we wanted you to be aware if you decided to watch the original episode

Nimoy Fashion:

Discussed in this episode:

The Raimondi Stele (Jeb discusses flipping it to see different interpretation)

Discussion of Haeckle's Embryos (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Article on controversy (New Scientist)

The 1997 article that brought Haeckel back into fresh scrutiny

Biorhythms (pseudoscience popular in late 70s/early 80s)

Alleged Russian "psychic" Nina Kulagina 


Robert Doman (brother of founder Glenn Doman)

Orville Redenbacher called and wants his look back...

Louise Emerson of The Morgan Autism Institute

Art teacher Betty Edwards 


Thelma Moss 

What is Kirlian Photography?