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In Research Of

Jun 30, 2022

We're joined by Sharon Hill to look into the vital 1970s question: Was Noah's Ark Real? (And does it disprove Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection?)  spoilers: No and No

The episode opens with "footage" (re-creations, repurposed footage) of the famous 1889 Flood.

The footage in the movie appears to be from a short film called The World that Perished (1977) but we couldn't find a version of that to share. 

The 1976 film In Search of Noah's Ark is available (in poor quality) on YouTube. 

Nimoy reminds of us the other Ark with this library fashion-alert moment.

The episode re-creates the famous "undressing in excitement" story of George Smith discovering the Utnapishtim version of the flood myth. 

(Later in the episode we get a better shot of Nimoy in the Library.)

We discussed the "Ararat Anomaly" briefly.

The many searches for Noah's Ark.

Physicist Rainer Berger (1930 - 2003) puts a lot of fake evidence to rest with his radiocarbon dating skills.

Creationist Henry Morris "an expert in the flow of water??"

Jeb discusses Abzu briefly.

The "Creation Research Society" is behind a lot of the content in this episode.

The episode calls him "Dr. Clifford Burdick" but he doesn't appear to have actually been a PhD.


Burdick reminded some of us of Reverend Kane from Poltergeist 2.

There is some mention of the Younger Dryas - a favorite of Hancockian enthusiasts.  

Many cultures around the world have flood myths. Many cultures around the world have floods. There may be some connection?


Discussion of the site called Doggerland.

Warm Mineral Springs in Florida.

The Black Sea Deluge hypothesis.


Burdick did look a little lost in the desert at one point...