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Jun 18, 2022

We follow Nazi Hunter Simon Weisenthal as he hunts the notorious war criminal Josef Mengele. 

Simon Wiesenthal - wiki

Josef Mengele - wiki

Dr. Ellen Lingens - wiki

Juan Domingo Peron - wiki

The Big Gun - Gerald Bull, Saddam Hussein and the Mossad 

Read about Escape from Sobibor - this is an amazing story

There is the "real" ODESSA and then there's the fictional novel and film The ODESSA FIle.

Shadow over G├╝nzburg

What really happened to Mengele? Britannica

Return to that classic "season 1" aesthetic in our Nimoy Fashion Alert:


Who knew the factory tokens in Axis & Allies were so accurate?

Another shot of Nimoy in the "Night Gallery."  Will we see this set again?