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In Research Of

Apr 11, 2022

We include a warning in the intro to this one.  It's got an explicit tag.  That's for language because this one brought out some strong feelings, but that's all explained in the intro.  What's not explained in the intro is that my audio is pretty awful in this one.  Once again Skype decided to randomly use my laptop's microphone instead of my podcasting mic.  This is the last time that will happen because I've ditched the laptop in favor of a more powerful machine with no internal microphone!  My apologies for that, but hopefully you'll find more treasure in this episode than the searchers will ever find on Oak Island.

How Howard Pyle invented our modern image of the pirate.

The "real" Captain Kidd and Pyle's version:

Poe's The Gold Bug (wiki)

The Knickerbocker Tales (Amz Affiliate)

The Oak Island Mystery, Solved! (book about explanation for literal geology of site)

Nimoy Fashion Alert:

So many re-enactors in this one.


So many shirtless re-enactors.

FDR on Oak Island


The clay(?) model used throughout the episode:


The replica of the coded stone: