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In Research Of

May 17, 2022

The In Search Of team heads of to Santa Catalina island to hunt for underwater archaeology guided only by "remote viewers" Ingo Swann and Hella Hammid.

Nimoy Fashion:


Links from our Discussion:

Robert Ballard Titanic search cover for military submarine research

The Mobius Group

The JASON Group

Stephan Schwartz paper on the use of remote viewing in Archaeology

Stephan A. Schwartz's website 

Alexander the Great's tomb (wikipedia) - it also recently showed up in a certain Marvel creative endeavor which I'm not going to mention because of "spoilers."

HYCO submarine was a "Pisces Class" deep submersible and some of these went to depths of more than 8000 feet.  The Taurus  IS FOR SALE!!!

Blake & Jeb discussing the video series Hellier with Hayley Stevens on her podcast The Spooktator.

The Great Wall of Benin

Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Great Zimbabwe

Jack Parsons and the JPL

Spiritual healer "Rolling Thunder" who some have accused of being a "Plastic Shaman."

Ed Dames, famous for selling remote viewing training and making terrible predictions


Ingo Swann - pioneer of "remote viewing"

(Ingo also wrote gay erotica as Hero Haubold)


Hella Hammid (1921 - 1992) 

Skeptical response to Ingo Swann's remote viewing 


Anne Kahle - Jet Propulsion Lab and NASA


Thomas Cook from the Bureau of Land Management shows up - says there are 1,100 known wrecks and 53 around Catalina