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Dec 3, 2021

Jeb and Blake examine the idea that the builders of Cahokia's "Woodhenge" might have had links with the Maya.  

Some things we discuss in this episode:


Mound 72 

Recent paper on the Mounds of Cahokia

Dr. Warren Wittry 

Dr. Warren Wittry

Dr. Wittry discovered the woodhenge that is a large part of the focus of this episode.

Dr. Warren Wittry 

The active dig shown in the episode:

Cahokia Dig Site - 1978


Nimoy Fashion Alert:

Nimoy Fashion - Indian Astronomers

Hovenweep National Monument 


Dr. Ray Williamson 

More on Ray 

And a BOOK he wrote

Dr. Ray Williams


Casa Grande 

 Robert Hicks of University of Arizona

Robert Hicks - University of Arizona

Hicks work with Mutter.  

Casa Rinconada 

 Dr. Jonathan Reyman of Illinois State University:

Dr. Jonathan Reyman


Dr. Garman Harbottle 

Dr. Garman Harbottle