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In Research Of

Apr 21, 2021

We'll be taking a look at ISO's coverage of cloning in this episode.

We'll be taking a look at ISO's coverage of cloning in this episode. 

Content warning (for ISO watchers) there is animal experimentation and surgery video in this TV episode. 

Jeb asked me to include a gif of the "groovy" 1970s video effects from this episode:

Animated image of clone in 1970s digital effects

In the 1970s the idea of "test tube babies" was still quite controversial, as evidenced by this opinion piece in the Berkeley Gazette (1978). 

The Weibe Twins (Josephine and Rozzalyn) appear prominently in this episode. Their shop (Twin's Armoire Boutique) shut down last year during the pandemic. 

The Weibe twins from In Search Of.

Their outfits threw some serious Boohbah vibes my way.

promotional image for Boobah

Nimoy fashion alert!

Nimoy with Quadruplets from In Search Of S03E03 - Cloning.

We meet the Beernink Twins - brother gynecologists. They both passed away but former patients posted heartfelt remembrances of them. 

Twin gynecologists - the Beernink brothers

This look at twin gynecologists brought up the memorable film Dead Ringers and the strange, sad tale of the Marcus twins that inspired it.

Learn to pronounce axolotl!  (sounds like ash-sho-lote)

You can learn more about these endangered and adorable amphibians here. 

You can't talk about eugenics without KHAN!

Khan at the con.

We meet Dr. Clem Markert of Yale.

Dr. Clem Markert holding some mice.

He worked to make a chimera-mouse with genes from multiple mice.

Not quite 20 years after this episode was filmed, we got Dolly the cloned sheep.