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In Research Of

Dec 28, 2020

Jeb and Blake discuss ants and the "deadly" fire ant invasion of the southern United States. Jeb struggles with ANTipathy towards the topic despite being an ANThropologist. (If you're looking for more wordplay like this in the episode, you'll find it ANTiclimactic.) 

It probably won't last but you can currently catch this episode of ISO on YouTube here:


Nimoy, outstanding in his field.

NFA Nimoy in a field

NFA - Nimoy in front of farm house

The episode has some really nice photography, and I especially liked this shot of the ant battlefield at dawn.

In Search Of Deadly Ants - a fire ant nest at dawn



Show Topic Links:

Footage of Azteca Ants in a Cecropia Tree

YouTube of people moving a cecropia tree and the ant results.

Smithsonian article talking about the similarities b/w ant war and human war.

Huffpost article about documentary deception

A map projecting what researchers think the likely spread of these ants could be in the US.

AntWiki article on E. Burchellii - the Army Ant of South America

The Ants by Holldobler and Wilson

NYT Bugpocalypse Article

Ed Yong response to Bugpocalypse Article

Termites are a social cockroach

Ants are related to Bees and Wasps

Jeb would probably appreciate this video of molten aluminum being poured into a fire ant nest to cast the structure.

Pop Culture Links/Resources:

Henry David Thoreau famously wrote about a battle between red and black ants in Walden (1854).

THEM! (1954) Amazon

Escape! Adaptation of Leiningen vs The Ants YouTube

The Naked Jungle (1954) Amazon

The Secret of the Incas (1955) YouTube

Empire of the Ants (1977) Amazon

Phase IV (1974) Amazon