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In Research Of

Oct 26, 2020

Warning: This episode does discuss suicide. If you're feeling any kind of despair or hopelessness, help is available.  Call 1-800-273-8255 and talk to someone. You can't listen to our fine show if you're dead - so we don't want that!

SOLVED - the mystery of the unknown cemetery has been solved. It's the Trinity Church Cemetery in the Washington Heights neighborhood of NYC. Thanks to patron Donald Mundis for helping figure that out!

Yes - this episode is being released out of sequence because everyone involved loves Halloween way too much and honestly it seemed off-brand to wait when it would be so easy to just give the people what they need.  So... turn out the lights, get under your blanket, and listen to Jeb, Blake and return guest Alex French talk you through the super-creepy extravaganza that is Haunted Castles!

Remember - we're on the lookout for more information about this cemetery shooting location.  Let us know if you find anything.  Post in the comments, or send an email to  (Note - we've pretty conclusively removed Los Angeles as a possibility so are focusing on San Francisco and New York for now.)

Nimoy in graveyard

The creepy ghost reminds us of a creepy villain. When you care enough about the role to put on makeup - but not quite enough to shave...

In Search Of... Haunted Castles - a monster compared to The Joker from Batman 66

Parts of the episode reminded Jeb of Darby O'Gill.

A big part of the research on the ISO episode was contributed by Francis Hitching, who appears in the final segment. (Wikipedia

The Halifax precursor to the Guillotine

 A look at Wolfeton House (home of Captain Nigel Thimbleby).  Thimbleby's current struggle against local home builders involved the creator of Downton Abbey.

Most of this episode takes place in Dorset.

Map of Dorset

We really tried to find the farmhouse with the murderous ghost - but so far, no luck.

A haunted farmhouse in Dorset


Emma Leavesley - who told the family story - gave us a real Zoey Deschanel vibe.

Emma Leavesley

Zoey Deschanel

So - obviously if this segment became a movie...

Robin Wordsworth owns Baglake House

The older written version of the dead horseman and servant is much darker. (1883)

1910 research into the Screaming Skull

MonsterTalk's recent coverage of Screaming Skull lore. 

Long article about research into the history of the Pinney family & Bettiscombe. 

(NSFW) Red Meat comic w/ Skull character.

The strange history of Oliver Cromwell's skull. 


Bill Grundy - BBC filmmaker, and pint drinker.

Bill Grundy with a pint in a haunted pub

Haunted Pubs of London (just London, mind you)

The George - the pub in this episode which still stands!


Stone Tape Theory - explained by Sharon Hill

The Stone Tape - the amazing TV movie by Nigel Kneale