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In Research Of

Dec 2, 2020

Jeb and Blake watch In Search Of's take on the world of traditional medicine through the lens of "Witch Doctors."  We were pleasantly surprised at what we found.

YouTube continues to crackdown on "In Search Of" episodes.  You can get the DVDs (just like Jeb and I use to make the show!) on Amazon.  (Affiliate Link - a small % of sales from using this link goes to support my crippling coffee habit.)

We're slapping an explicit tag on this one because we have potty mouths.

If you'd like to look around a museum with lots of relevant materials, Jeb recommends the Pitt-Rivers 3D virtual tour.  (It's amazing.) 

This episode has more guinea pig magic than any ISO episode so far.

guinea pig magic

Nimoy is in a museum, safari as we can tell.  

Nimoy in museum

We identified the town at the beginning of the episode as Oxkutzcab

ceremony in yucatan

The Yucatec Maya language is used frequently in this episode.

The Badianus medicinal text - America's earliest medical text

A lot of history on Aztec medicine

Plants have long been the source of medicines. Aspirin, Digitalis, Ipecac, Quinine... it's a lengthy and fascinating topic and the object of intense ongoing research.

We discussed the psychological (spiritual?) condition of Susto.

See why Jeb was surprised that Xipe Totec is invoked. 

A contemporaneous look at the research of Ignacio Aguilar. 

The episode had Zapotec Urns

You know who else liked Zapotec urns?

zapotec urn captain kirk

Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't make any "beating around the bush" jokes in this episode. 

healing with switches