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In Research Of

Oct 19, 2020

Link to the ISO episode (YouTube) 

Jeb, Blake and return guest Alex French are getting sleepy... sleepy... as we fall under the spell of Leonard Nimoy discussing HYPNOSIS. 

Nimoy Fashion Alert:

Nimoy Fashion Alert - Pull-over Edition


Mentioned in this episode: 

Trilby (novel) - the source of Svengali 

Dr. William Kroger (and his amazing red chair)

Red leather chair looks like candy therapy

Dr. Joseph Barber  

pixie cut on a perm

Franz Mesmer  (of "mesmerism" fame) - the print is titled Le magnétisme dévoilé. I found references to it in the French national library. It's also reprinted in the book Science in the age of Sentimentality by Jessica Riskin.

Mesmer woodcut


Dr. Ron Katz (obit)

Dr. Katz - Hypnosis

Van Pelt's mysterious "chair-camouflage" 

when your jacket matches the furniture


Ed Ray - hero bus driver. (obit)

The Chowchilla Bus Hijacking story

Let's learn French with hypnosis! Or should that be hypnose?

learn French through hypnose

hypnosis language learning


The Clonus Horror (the MST3K version)