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Oct 6, 2020

Watch this ISO episode on YouTube. 


Jeb and Blake figuratively return to the bayou to look for the mysterious legendary monster of Honey Island Swamp.

Discussed in this episode:

CB Radio and TV Bleedover


It's not a perfect match, but this is the closest we've (so far) come to finding a Sears entry for Nimoy's clothing.  He was probably shopping at a higher-end shop but the style was out there.



How to see the MK Davis narrated documentary with the footprint making tool described in the episode:

1 - download the realplayer file from this site.

2 - take it to a RealPlayer to MP4 conversion site like convertio

Note: The resulting MP4 will look terrible, but stick with it (and don't try to watch it on some giant screen).  About 6 mins in it gets really interesting.


Comparing Harlan Ford to Tennessee Ernie Ford


Harlan Ford next to Tennessee Ernie Ford


The Abita Mystery House 


Jeb card photo of Honey Island track at Abita Mystery House

(Archived) MK Davis on feline aspects of the monster.

MK Davis says he found shoe for making track.


Ranger Gavin Storter - RHOF 


Thesis paper by Frances Leary we talk about in the show - The Honey Island Swamp Monster: The development and maintenance of a folk and commodified belief tradition.