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In Research Of

Aug 5, 2020

Have we already done this episode before? Have you already heard it? Jeb and Blake tackle Reincarnation featuring the surprise reappearance of "Doctor" Hans Holzer!


Shirley Krepp says she spent past life as a witch, and her tale is quite a cliff-hanger. 

Shirley Krepp

Today's topic is Reincarnation. (Wiki)


Dr. Helen Wambach is behind a lot of the topic in this episode. She's the hypnotist who...

Dr. Helen Wambach

...will later perform group regression sessions.

Group Hypnotic Regression


Some discussion on W.E.I.R.D. and samples in psych testing in Uni.

Nimoy Fashion Alert - Nimoy is in "The Graveyard" - a setting we've seen before, and will see again!

NFA - Graveyard Scene


That shirt he's wearing isn't just blue - it's blue with pinstripes!

shirt detail (nimoy)


The Old Chestnut Inn - was going to be a rehab center. 

Ruth McGuire who was variously involved in an Indian uprising and a Pilgrim voyage.

Ruth Mcguire


Finally, we meet Dr. William Yaney - who Holzer wrote about in Fate.

Dr. William Yaney

Special thanks to Maiken King for her assistance with the translation of Bob's hypnotic hieroglyphs.

Bobs hypnotic heiroglyphs