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In Research Of

Mar 30, 2020

Watch this ISO episode on YouTube 

Jeb and Blake discuss the real archaeology of Stonehenge in the final episode of Season One of In Search Of... 

Alexander Thom and Gerald Hawkins argue for Stonehenge as a "computer" or "observatory" but it doesn't really hold up. (We discuss in episode.)

Check out these SketchFab projects for the Newgrange tomb. (Interactive 3D models.)

Druids! Druids! Druids!

druids at stonehenge


Nimoy Fashion Alert

Nimoy Fashion Alert - Stonehenge

The Battle of the Beanfield - Counterculture vs The Police

Video about the battle.

Some history of the meaning of the "Sarsen" stones.

The Blue Stones come from the Preseli Hills in Wales. This stone is being quarried and turned into a variety of art, alt-med, and meditative purposes.

The work of Francis Hitching is discussed. 

Some sites mentioned:

Litany of sites

Devil’s Heel is the Heel Stone at Stonehenge 

Nine Maidens 

Tingle Stone 

Long Barrow in the Cotswolds

Stanton Drew 

Durrington Walls 

Ley Lines? (great overview by Sharon Hill)

Alfred Watkins 

Alexander Thom 

Ley Lines in Question