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In Research Of

Mar 24, 2020

Watch this ISO episode on YouTube. 

The In Search Of... camera crew follows an expedition to find a lost Inca city. Jeb and Blake discover that ISO isn't quite as entertaining without the weirdness.

There is a Gold Museum in Lima, Peru. 

Inca Gold Glove

However, there is some concern about some of the museum's exhibits.

Saksaywaman is a temple, not a fortress

Jeb mentioned the Chile Chinchorro Mummies.

Inca leaders Atahualpa and Huascar (discussion of civil war)

Tupac Amaru II - the namesake of Tupac Shakur 

Explorer Hiram Bingham found Machu Picchu 

Peruvian historian Edmundo Guillen documented the resistance and Vilcabamba.

Valley of the Rio Pampacona 

Expedition to Vilcabamba 

Gene Savoy, explorer.

And while researching I found this dubious newspaper photo of a 129-year-old man from Vilcabamba:

alleged 129 year old man

Nimoy Fashion Alert:

Nimoy Fashion Alert - Inca Treasure and Leather Jacket