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In Research Of

Dec 23, 2019

Jeb and Blake join Leonard Nimoy and a group of St. Louis clairvoyants as we go in research of psychic detectives.

Watch this episode of ISO on YouTube. 

A quick thanks to Shane Gower for his helpful blog post from 2015 about this episode.

  • 1970s Famous psychic Peter Hurkos is featured during the introduction.
  • Hurkos was vouched for by Andrija Puharich, after being challenged by James Randi.  Puharich was a major figure in Ancient Aliens, Remote Viewing, and New Age culture in the US.
  • "Psychic Detective" has changed meaning over the 20th century from detectives who investigated the paranormal into detectives who were themselves paranormal.
  • IMDB and Wikipedia say that Sylvia Browne is in this episode. Jeb and I could find zero evidence to support that assertion. She appeared neither on-screen, nor in the credits. Furthermore, the episode took place in St. Louis and involved local psychic investigators but Browne had left Missouri for California in 1964 according to her obituary:
"She eventually began giving readings to others and, 10 years after moving to California in 1964, she formed the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research."

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