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Nov 11, 2019

Lots of discussion as Jeb and Blake tackle a favorite topic of theirs... Bigfoot. Does a mysterious creature, part-ape, and part-man, lurk in the Pacific Northwest?

Watch the Episode on YouTube 

The episode opens with the Ape Canyon re-enactment. If you'd like to read Beck's extended narrative, it is available online. His extended comments include a lot of descriptions of the spiritual aspect of these creatures and sound quite a lot like John Keel's ultraterrestrials. (IMHO -Blake)

Other topics for further reading:


 Cranial hair and brow-ridges experiment mentioned in the show / Mankind Quarterly, 1973 

[Yet another racism warning - Mankind Quarterly is a notorious journal for people making the case for a "scientific" basis for white supremacy.  Guess what? Race is a social construct. ]  

You need to check out this very comprehensive article on Grover Krantz from his Alma Mater, Berkley. 

You should also definitely check out Brian Regal's book Searching for Sasquatch. He covers the rich and fascinating history of early Bigfoot research including the ties to the CIA, fabulous stories and really interesting characters.

More on Sheriff Bill Closner (Facebook Page) 

Skamania County and its ties to Bigfoot 

FBI documents released about Bigfoot hair research (related to Peter Byrnes)

We mentioned Ray Wallace's famous hoax tracks (aka the Jerry Crew case).

Also mentioned Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend 


Tweed and Salmon, in lovely Los Angeles