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Nov 3, 2019


Is there a mysterious force causing the disappearance of ships and airplanes in the area between Miami, Bermuda and the Bahamas?  Or just a mixture of innumeracy and a desire for the numinous?

Show Notes:

Larry Kusche's The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved

Who was the voice on the creepy radio broadcast

Bermuda Triangle movie based on Berlitz's book.

Not covered in detail, but some additional info on collier ships in the triangle:
Proteus (58 lives lost) the eponymous exemplar of the Proteus Class "collier" coal-carrier.  disappeared in the BT in 1941. sister of the Cyclops (306 lives lost) and the Nereus (61 lives lost)

All three lost in the Bermuda triangle carrying large loads of ore in ships that could only travel 15 Knots and, at least in one case, were known to be overloaded.  Reminds me of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  If you are in a big ship, overloaded with ore, and hit a big storm the structural stresses are incredible and any kind of flooding would be catastrophic. However, the story of the Cyclops - which is outside the scope of this episode - has a lot of other lore around it with suspicions of mutiny and other factors.  
Marine Sulfer Queen (Yikes!  This ship was a death trap!) Definitely sunk in 1963 - but may have exploded first. Frequently on fire, completely unsafe. Just reading about it freaks me out. Going to sea with a ship so routinely afire that they stopped sounding the alarms!?

The Case of the Bermuda Triangle (1977) - British documentary

Nimoy Fashion: