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In Research Of

[SOLVED] A spooky quest? Finding ISO's graveyard?

Oct 22, 2020

Update: Listener Donald Mundis found this was the Trinity Church Cemetery in Washington Heights, NYC.  Thanks to everyone for looking into this mystery.
As you good listeners have probably figured out, I get obsessed with trying to solve mysteries. Currently one of the most haunting to me is the question of where did In Search Of... film these cemetery shots? 

We know that the crew commonly shot Nimoy's footage in Los Angeles, and also in San Francisco.  Occasionally they shot in New York. 

I've asked my Los Angeles friends to have a look and they generally all agree that this cemetery is far too lush and green to be in the L. A. area.  

Do you live in the bay area? Does this cemetery look familiar?  Here are some things I've noticed:

1. It's got a hill in it.  So if the cemetery is flat - that rules it out.

Nimoy on a hill in a cemetery

2. It's got what appear to be "into the hill" burial vaults, and some of the plots are set off with a metal bar in stone or concrete pillars.  In the background on this shot you can see the vaults, one has red stone, another has what may be a rock and mortar edifice. Some celtic cross burial stones and an obelisk are in the background.  None of this stuff is unique - but together might be good clues for verification.

Nimoy in front of vault graves in cemetery

I think this entrance gate is going to be a key identifier.  I've seen a few gates like this but in my effort to drive around cemeteries in the bay area on Google Street View I've had no luck.  Some of the cemeteries don't have a street view available.

Nimoy in front of stone and iron gates at cemetery

So - does this gate or any of these shots look familiar?  Can you provide any confirmation that you've found our mysterious graveyard shooting location?  Let us know!

Post your clues or findings on Patreon or shoot me an email:  Blake at monstertalk dot org.