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Nov 22, 2023

Jeb and Blake unwrap the mystery of the shroud of Turin! (Which might, it turns out, be neither a shroud, nor from Turin - talk amongst yourselves!)

Link to ISO on YouTube: While it lasts!

The bucket brigade saves the shroud in re-creation...

NFA - A return to "the Night Gallery?"

Young Joe Nickell at work in Alan Landsburg's NYC apartment:

The Rev. Francis Filas (1931 - 1985 - NYT OBIT)

Prescriptive Linguistics

Descriptive Linguistics

Overview of use of Christ in Medieval Art

Secondo Pia, photographer who discovered the "negative effect" on Shroud.
(also, dead ringer for Seth Myers)


Just saying...

Modern research suggests "blood on shroud" was applied artistically, not organically.

More on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 


Dr. Harry Gove (Obit)

The Shroud of Turin Research Project 


Recent book that confirms Nickell's findings