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Feb 21, 2022

Jeb and Blake are joined again by Alex French to discuss Dreams and Nightmares. Will there be weird video effects and creepy dream re-creations? Does Spock love a syllogism? Tune in and find out! 

Nimoy Fashion Alert: 





Research Links:
CIA Spy Cat 

Shakespeare in the Bush (article)

Dr. Allan Hobson(1933 - 2021)


Dr. Rosalind Cartwright (1922 - 2021)  - a book she wrote on this topic (Amz affiliate link). Note the "EEG" pattern on her lab coat!


Ted Spagna dream photos

Temporal Lobe section of the human brain

Spooktator Hellier ep

Black and Tans (Ireland)

Black and Tan (Drink)

Black and Tan (Dog coloration phenotype)

Fuseli's The Nightmare

The 1970s Big Wheel is for sale again (Amz affiliate link)

Radio call letter history (K, W, and N)

Rotoscoping in Wizards (clip on YouTube)

Garden of Earthly Delights (Wikipedia)

The completely nuts "full story" of the wandering-eye boyfriend meme.

Dreamscape (Amz affiliate link)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Amz affiliate link)

Inception (Amz affiliate link)

Waking Life (Amz affiliate link)

Strong Bad Light-Switch Rave (YouTube)

Defender video game (Wikipedia)

List of movies with Dobermans


The "New Age Donnie and Marie" sequence:


Dream Circle session