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In Research Of

Jan 19, 2021

Jeb and Blake are joined by climate scientist Dr. John Cook to discuss this infamous episode of In Search Of...

You may have noticed that since the 1970s we did not descend into a frozen ice age. In fact - quite the opposite. Dr. Cook was kind enough to join us to talk about both the history of the science discussed in this episode, and the many challenges of dealing with science denialism. It's a treat of a discussion.

In addition to his work teaching at George Mason University, Cook is also the author of the delightful science book CRANKY UNCLE VS CLIMATE CHANGE. (Amazon affiliate link)

book cover for Crazy Uncle vs Climate Change

If you like John's work like this or his science advocacy, you can support him here financially. He's worked to provide a tremendous amount of clear and accessible science advocacy in this field and it is expensive and only funded through donations. 

Now let's get to the episode goodies:

The episode may be available at YouTube but Discovery is working to take them all down and the few examples we've seen for this episode have all been posted by climate-change denialists and we don't want to support their channels.  Blake suspects that the new streaming channel DISCOVERY+ may be considering making the original ISO series available through its streaming service at some point. That would be a good reason why they may be cleaning up all the YouTube instances - but it might just be copyright policing of the "due diligence" kind.  Hard to say.

The Blizzard of '77 


comparing glaciers from 1970s to present

Baffin Island's Surviving Trees 

Article about the 1970s idea of a coming ice age 

Dr. Gifford Miller 

Dr Gifford Miller - on In Search Of


Ernie Sieber (1926 - 2011)

Ernie Sieber on In Search Of

George Washington Bridge - NIMOY STOOD HERE

Rotate that street-view for a surprise cameo from our old pal, the Trinity Church Cemetery in NYC.

Nimoy Fashion Alert - in front of George Washington Bridge NYC

Discussion of Toba Catastrophe Theory.

Dr. Chester C Langway his lost ice cores were found in 2018!

Dr Chester Langway on In Search Of

Research Ship Vema (1953 - 1981)

The research ship Vema today

Dr. James D. Hays  

Dr James Hayes

Dr. Stephen Schneider (1945 - 2010)

Dr Stephen Schneider

Bio from Stanford.